Feed is our core business

This is our area of expertise and it’s here we want to excel. For this reason we have Intensive cooperation with scientific institutes, continually enriching our knowledge and experience in the areas of health, nutrition, livestock farming and processing. \And of course for bringing progress to our customers it is necessary that we translate new insights in a fast way to practical applications and solutions for our customers

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Specific needs and goals

The dry cow period not only sets the cow up for a trouble free lactation, but can make a big difference in getting the calf off to the best possible start. Almost 50% of dairy cow metabolic issues occur within the first 3 weeks of calving, mostly as a direct result of the nutrition of the dry cow. 

Using the latest technology and nutritional research, together with the finest, fully traceable ingredients, Nutricana offer high-quality, consistent and nutritious feeds to our customers. We are supported by an experienced technical team providing the latest knowledge in animal nutrition.

The first 2 hours of a calf’s life can have a big impact on her lifetime production and profitability.Colostrum management and feeding is critical to the success of the heifer rearing programme. If the weaning phase passes with few problems, then the rest of the rearing phases should go very smoothly. In order to get the calf set up to achieve the targeted growth rates we need to achieve the following 2 objectives:
1. Build immune defence
2. Start rumen development

The key to the weaning to breeding phase is to achieve a steady growth rate. There is strong research evidence to show that heifers need to be gaining weight at a rate of 800g per day. By underachieving these targets it will take longer to get the heifer to her target weight for calving.

Enriching our communities

Strengthening economic and community

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We build vibrant communities through economic development, charitable giving, employee volunteerism and partnerships. We contribute by improving the communities where we live and work.

 We are passionate about our purpose to be the leader in nourishing people. We invest in, engage with and respect cultures while promoting sustainable and responsible economic development to improve living standards and promote stable communities.