Transitional Management


Dry Feed(From Drying - 10 Days before Calving)

The dry period is the most important phase of a dairy cow’s lactation cycle. During this phase, the cow and her udder are prepared for the next lactation; hence any abnormalities during the dry period will have a negative effect on the cow’s health and milk production after calving.

  • Prepares cattle for lactation by building body reserve
  • Easy Calving
  • Prevents pre-calving difficulties
  • Improves Appetite
  • Improves BCS
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Power Plus D – 60 (10 Days before to 50 Days after Parturition)

Cattle management at time of calving is vital for sustaining health and longevity. Power Plus D – 60 prepare the animal for lactation by building body reserves of essential trace elements thereby helping to prevent post-calving difficulties, retaliation of placenta, uterine infections and lactation metabolic diseases like ketosis & milk fever.


  • Good energy supplied by a blend of ingredients
  • Fully balanced with vitamins, minerals and trace elements
  • Reduces interval from calving to conception
  • Offers very good value for money for those who wish to support milk production and optimise the lactation curve

Feeding Requirements –

  • 10 days before parturition = 3Kg daily
  • 30 days after parturition = 4 Kg daily
  • 31-40 days after parturition = 3Kg daily
  • 41-50 days after parturition = 2Kg daily