About Us

Established in year 2009, committed to providing the best animal nutrition possible

We feed more than 7000 animals everyday and our animal nutritionists, veterinarians and business managers live and work with the animals just like you do. Because real life tells us more than we could ever learn in a lab.

Why choose Nutricana

We empower livestock producers with a deeper understanding of animal nutrition and supply the feed solutions they need. Our tools and expertise in nutrition for feed manufacturers enable them to better meet their production goals. Our full range of feed solutions and marketing expertise are 100 percent customer focused. This makes us a very customer-driven company. We also have various advantages over other companies including:

•  Customer centricity
•  Emphasis on ethical business dealings
•  Solid industry experience
•  A team of highly experienced and trained people.

Nutricana Providing Complete Nutrition For Livestock.

Using advanced feed manufacturing technology and nutritional research, together Nutricana offer high-quality, consistent and complete feeds to our customers. We are supported by an experienced technical team providing the latest knowledge in animal nutrition. We use the best technology and processes in order to arrive at the best quality product. We also conduct strict quality control on all our products to ensure that they meet or exceed international standards.

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